Eicher 3531
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Location: Ahmedabad - Gujarat - India
Date Posted: 12 de Mayo
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Eicher 35.31 is a 31 ton GVW 12 tyre truck. This truck is a good alternative to 25 ton GVW 10 tyre trucks because it carries up to 6 ton extra payload and earns up to 35% per higher revenues at marginal higher operating expenses.

Eicher has adopted twin steered technology due to its simple design which has low maintenance cost. Eicher 35.31 comes with variants like Cowl & chassis, Cabin and chassis, Cabin and full body, cabin and half body. Dimension of its load body are 7315mm (24 ft) length x 2340mm (7.7 ft) width.

Eicher 35.31 is the part of "VE Series" which is a new range of Value Enhanced, Fuel, Efficient, Heavy Duty Eicher Trucks from VE Commercial vehicles Ltd.- VECV ( a Volvo Group and Eicher Motors joint venture).

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