Shivarth THE ACE is a premium commercial spaces for lease & rent in sindhu bhavan road, ahmedabad. Shivarth THE ACE has premium showrooms, retails & office spaces available on lease/rent. Office space is suitable for companies like IT, pharma, banking & finance, any consulting firm. Showroom & Retail space is suitable for bank, clothes, footwear, jewelry, accessories, cafeteria, furniture, electronics , etc. Our office space size starts from 10,000sqft to 80,000sqft and showroom space size starts from 2300sqft and 30,000sqft. Our amenities are ample parking space for occupants, open cafeteria on ground floor, four high speed MNC elevators, enviable clear height for office and showrooms, dedicated estate manager for the property.

We have included climate efficient DGU glass, timer controlled lighting for common areas with LED, rain water harvesting, 24*7 uninterrupted electricity in our commercial building. For more details, contact us on or call us on +91 9925137495 and visit our website

Advertiser: Particular
Square Meters: 3000
Sell ​​/ Rent: Rent
Toilets: 3+