Sangita Infotech offers industry best IT services including Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Paid Ads marketing and Creative content writing services.

Graphic Design:
Someone truly said that there is no next opportunity to build a first impression. It’s exactly similar for any Business and its Brand. It’s proved that creative and attractive Graphic design will build your business while poor graphic design will make you out from the contest.
We at Creative Dots deliver inspirational and persuasive graphics to businesses and company to make possible expansion at a high aggressive price. It’s time to make better your brand representation, augment communication with viewers and drive sales with assist of gorgeous graphic design services.


Branding is your business status and building a Brand is not an overnight Job. Brand Building will requisite more analysis then action. We experience and understand this fact thus we delivers exceptional, inventive and conscious branding solutions for individuals, businesses and community to make their brand.
Branding is the procedure concerned in craft an exceptional name and image for a product in the customers mind, mostly through advertising campaigns with a reliable theme. Branding aspires to begin a momentous and differentiated incidence in the market that draw and keep hold of devoted clients. We deliver innovative branding services from sketch to corporate level.

Brand Marketing:

Brand marketing informs clientele about a company’s name; allow them to faith the excellence of each product or service that business offers. Our marketing efforts show all of a customer’s experiences and observation of a business which allow us to craft an exclusive brand in market.
Our creative team do brand building and marketing with assist of digital marketing and creative unique graphic design concepts which engage customer to our brand.

Digital Printing:

We understand value of printing mainly when it particularly designed for precise task. Digital printing refers to technique of printing from a digital-based image straight to a diversity of media. We had huge back bone experience for all types of printing services. Our printing solution will match industry standard and its brand.

Creative Video’s:

Creative video’s is the art of organize and present graphical video’s across the universe which covers business services or product in a singular way. This creative video’s are simply comprehend by common man and fetch attention of viewers.
Our Creative video promotion awake users of diverse sector all the way through diverse video examples, who is looking for features, direction, leadership & development of a system.

Animation & Custom Design:

As time change, every business needs to sketch their branding and promotion policy. As today’s market, Animation and custom design will be a handy tool for any business promotion. Craft a unique animated design to surprise your user.
Our specialize team are well prepared with most recent 2d and 3d animation skills and capable to bring custom design including creative web design, brochure design, catalog design or newsletter design for your business.

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