• Manage multiple rate definitions and its variations
• Organize and associate your billable activities with respective charge heads
• Support various cash and credit-based billing systems
• Print your bills according to a variety of customizable options
• Track minute modifications to each medical billing

Patient registration
• Speed up the registration process with intelligent auto-completion of forms based on medical record number, patient name, age and mobile number
• Quick and easy registration with payment options
• Customize your forms - add, remove or mark mandatory fields
• Capture and store patient’s photo instantly at the time of registration
• Print registration barcodes

Pharmacy management
• Demarcate patient types such as Retail, Retail Credit, or Hospital Patient
• Priorities IP Indent Request and Patient Return Indent Requests based on doctor’s orders
• Manage issues and return of inventory items such as consumables, surgical implants etc.
• View pending OP prescriptions with sales linkages

Laboratory management
• Get advanced inventory control using consumables tracking
• Automate result entry through HL7 compliant lab equipment integration
• Improve productivity by end-to-end lab workflow automation
• Share laboratory tests electronically with your patients and referral doctors

Bed management
• Use the ADT Module to handle bed allocation, shifting, discharge and more
• Configure and automatically post bed calculations based on SOPS

Custom reports
• Merge two or more MIS reports if needed
• Select from a number of available templates to create reports

Lab interfaces
• Seamless Integration with all Lab equipment - HL7 compliant integration
• Share lab records with patients to enhance patient engagement

Need for Speed
• As most of the processes in HMS implemented hospitals are automated and since software and servers are hardly ever known to slow down, speed is one constant feature of HMS – hospital management software.
• The communication between various interlinked departments, the reporting of various tests, the emergency as well as non-emergency communications etc. are speeded up because of HMS and the overall operational efficiency goes up by many notches.

Easy Access
• Quick and easy access to all data that a particular login allows is a winning feature of HMS. Hospitals generate a lot of data and lots of them are required to be stored, mandatorily as part of legal requirements.
• This data, which is at times required within seconds, is also crucial in making important treatment decisions. Quick and easy access to this data makes the decisions timely and increases the quality of patient care in the hospital.

Reduced Supervision
• Lower manual activity also means less need for supervision.

• As most of the processes are automated, the software is coded to perform each task in a certain manner based on the inputs the employee punches in.

• For example, when a report on bed ratio is needed; the software is coded to generate many reports based on the data that it holds on its server with a few clicks. The software will throw up the requested reports to help you track the metrics that matter to you most.

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