Matrimonial ad.
Location: Ahmedabad - Gujarat - India
Address: Ahmedabad
Date Posted: 11 de Junio
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55yr.Brahmin Divorcee.By looks-fitness- feelings,M Xperiencing45young.X-Manager,Bank of Baroda,Now Pensioner OptingVRS6.9.11.Active Interest in Stock McxMarket.Can settle any where As M toally Alone She hasn't 2 soldier any responsibility,spare time 4 else xcept ourone's.Viewing my prf.If u receive some positive inner waves & then serious 2 in moving forward a step by step,do contact soon Mother Father died since my birth childhood leaving nil assets behind Since then feel alone& now totally Alone since last 9 yrs,Availed court divorce 21.01.08. Son & Daughter both made Engineer, married,employed, independant, settled in Ahmedabad with their family,kids,Mother.Now desire colouredful life with life partner & her behind ours to comes.M inteligent,smart,ambitious, adventurous,always curious for useful knowledge creation,handsome,well healthy,warm,energetic, remained away from medicines.M very simple, sobber,kind hearted&own soul fearing person. Basically m Science student examplary scholared with Top I.Q.High logic.Totally self made person.Till day earned a lot& lived 4 socalled ours Non selfishly,Now realised2live life fully 4 self, Humsafar 2 come&her behind our/s2 come.Wants respects giving 2.Hate dowary system.M very much like2visit natural tourist sites, sarptn at yaoo com,fast bike driving enjoying in covering 400 day when hindi(old,new)films&listen&sing their popular songs. M very sure that Humsafar comes in my life will not disapoint4the choice she made,in any regards But to enjoy every moments of life &in least case face chalanges,if any comes, together.As many positives,negatives sayings,one can't disclose herein,but only on1o1 conversation over phonecalls/chat/face t o face,very much needed in moving ahead till conclusion.Tillthen,have nice time&sweet dreams !