There’s a simple reason why Sales365cloud – Sales lead management software is the preferred lead management tool for top producers in the health insurance industry. It’s designed with their needs in mind.
It’s a 24-hour administrative associate so dominant that many brokers and agents are saving money by not having to hire an admin to help them handle their candidate list.

Sales365cloud offers proven cutting-edge tools in a convenient online dashboard that makes lead management a breeze. It works with leads from multiple sources. And with just one click, you can access all your lead data or take advantage of the powerful tools and features only Sales365cloud – sales management software can bring together:
• Lead tracking Effective lead management begins with lead tracking. Sales365cloud – sales crm lets you stay on top of all your prospects, whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand. You can trace the status of each lead and then compare the ROIs of various lead sources. • Secure data storage Preserve your lead data from unexpected loss or theft with our ultra-secure servers.

Firewalls and SSL encryption preserve your data from hackers while retaining them always accessible only to you. Our redundant systems and co-location back-up suggest that your lead data will nevermore be lost. Plus, our web-based system means your sales staff can more immediately recover from minor disruptions to your office.
• Distribute leads Routing leads to your agents can soon be effortless while you upgrade to the agency lead administration system.
• Lead sales reports Get complete reports on your leads anytime you require them. You can quickly see where particular leads are in your sales pipeline and prioritize your efforts.
• Client communication Sales365cloud makes it easy to stay connected with prospects with the handy appointment scheduler. You can also email personalized proposals, reminders and marketing messages to individual leads from the Sales365cloud dashboard.
• Integration This is part of the powerful sales365cloud software of sales automation and web marketing tools, so it easily integrates with your system.
• Document management Your sales365cloud account comes with a built-in library of forms and brochures from the nation’s leading carriers. You can later forward copies of these informative documents to your leads in real time to help you close your sale.
• Knowledge Base Take advantage of dozens of resources, including Brochure, PPT, Feature list and articles to help you put your marketing and Sales365cloud tool into overdrive — free for Sales365cloud clients.

Sales365cloud is the preferred CRM tool for top health insurance agents. See how it can help increase your productivity and ROI by taking a demo today.

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