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The most challenging task is to optimize a pump to move a particular liquid and evacuating the gas present. Self priming pumps will clear the passage of air bound and resume the pumping of water without any outside attention. To accomplish this task, a certain amount of liquid to prime the pump must be retained.

Working of these pumps

During the pumping cycle, air enters the pump to mix with the water at the impeller. Water and air are discharged by impeller into the water reservoir. As a result of which air tends to rise and water sinks. Air free water flows back down by gravity into the impeller, ready to mix with more air coming from the suction line.

How does it differ?

Self priming pumps differ from centrifugal pumps as they have a water reservoir built in the unit which helps the pump to get rid of suction air within the priming cycle. Its ability to self-prime comes from its characteristic to retain water after the first prime.

Advantages and uses of these pumps

Self priming pumps are commonly used where sewage is pumped into a treatment facility. They are mounted on portable skids to pump stormwater and for dewatering of construction. They can handle a variety of fluids such as slurries, corrosive fluids, etc. They are sometimes also referred to as trash pumps because they are typically found at construction sites.

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