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Software for fine Dining Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Coffee House, Restaurants, Club, Mini-Bar, Banquet.

Foodie365cloud - restaurant management software actually performs more than just restaurant pos software. The restaurant billing software has modules for your front of the house, back of house, HR and CRM processes.

Below are the main features of a typical restaurant management system:
1. Core POS
The main module consists of receiving payments and tracking sales. The POS may combine table and on-site POS via handheld, tablet, which enables you to take orders remotely from the main cashier register. The POS is associated with other main systems like credit card and payment gateways, inventory management and CRM to form an end-to-end restaurant management system.

2. Employee scheduler
This module or feature usually comes with a calendar and an employee portal. The calendar displays available and taken slots, while the portal empowers employees to book their own schedule. It avoids disagreement in the schedule and performs it easy to spot days that are understaffed or overstaffed, giving your room to make quick arrangements. The employee scheduler might be linked to a time-tracking and restaurant inventory management software features for a seamless attendance-payroll processing.

3. Gift cards and loyalty program
The system produces printed or digital gift cards that customers can purchase online or on-site. Gift cards are swiped or scanned and the transaction, including balances that apply, is automatically caught and recorded by the restaurant management software. Since gift card is a function of a loyalty program, in most methods you can run reports based on gift card data to gain marketing insights. It provides you with a picture of your repeat or referral sales. The gift card is typically associated with a CRM, which captures customer data when they obtain or use the gift card.

4. Inventory management
It encourages you to obtain tight control over your stocks and avoid overstocks and stockouts, twain of which put a twist to the cash flow. You can track stocks before they run out, link the software or make supplier named user based on rights for direct orders and break down items to elementary level for a fuller view of stocks. This module also generates reports to help you calculate food costs and pricing and regularly provide you with an actual picture of your profitability. It also supports identify variances like waste, theft and voids and improve the back of the house workflow.

5. Reservation system
This module allows clients to book online via a web application or mobile application. It assists prevent overbooking and manages your staff and resources based on bookings.

6. Payment processing integration
A restaurant management system usually integrates with a payment gateway or credit card processing method that allows customers to pay differently than cash. Customers will securely sign in using a handheld device or scanner.

7. Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics module allows you to run analytics by merging data from other modules to come up with insights in your operations. These insights can be revealed in sales reports, commercial statements, employee performance records and marketing campaign metrics.

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