Shree Shakti Industries is one of the most sought-after and best pulley manufacturers in India enjoying immense trust and goodwill since years. This unit of pulley manufacturer exports and supplies all types of pulleys widely used in various types of industries and factory machines. With a great range of sizes and configurations, the pulleys manufactured here can be used in slinging, line application, rigging, lifting and load testing. Having an expert team of engineers, executive and designers, this manufacturing unit known for its high-end locking mechanism Taper lock and flat belt and V-Groove pulleys of distinct specifications.

In addition to groove pulley, this company is also a pioneer in manufacturing a range of mechanical products like flange tape lock bush, gear coupling, adapter etc. The right set of highly talented and skilled workforce, experience, infrastructure and most advanced technology is the winning combination that makes it a great success. Customer satisfaction and their long term association have been its most astounding achievements and focus areas that make it a company of culture, personalized approach and innovation. Aiming high-quality retention as the most valuable asset; the company dreams to expand its wings to a wider spectrum of the global market.


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