We at Turiya Communications aims to provide cost effective services to our clients. As
an agency we focus on all your communication needs with the highest possible
standards. Turiya Communications LLP excels in:
● Website Design & SEO
● Digital & Social Media Marketing
● Corporate Communications
● PR
● Branding
● Data Analysis & Market Research
● Lawful Communications
● Dashboard Creation
● Event Management
● Media Strategy and Planning
● Media & Marketing
● Marketing Communication
● Social Media Promotion
● Link Building
among all services.
Turiya Communications LLP, a Kolkata-headquartered agency, specialises in the
complete communications sphere.
We have rich experience in serving big entities across various sectors. We have
worked with many clients and have grown in experience and quality. Contact us for
more information and we wish to work with you as your communications agency.

Advertiser: Particular
Company Name: Turiya communication
Type of Position: Full-time
Desired Experience (Years): 1
Salary: 48002
Contract: Temporary