Exploring the world of Yoga is to begin living your life anew. The benefits of Yoga are further highlighted in the age that we live in. The stress of professional life, the lack of opportunities to go out in the open for walks, the unavailability of nutritious food and the complete disregard for timely meals: these are some of the side-effects of modern existence. The combined effect of these vices begins to tell on your mind and body before you can take evasive action.


The mission of Nirvikalp is to ensure that we reach out to a maximum number of people with our healing touch of yoga, health and mental therapy. To make that possible, our team members and trainers work tirelessly so that you can revive the vital energies in your life that modern life corrodes slowly. Our mission is to offer our services to everyone who is in need of a state-of-the-art yoga and mental health facility that combines the benefits of age-old health practices with the knowledge of modern science and technology.


Nirvikalp has multiple objectives that it wants to fulfill, beginning with your safe and sound health. We want to extend our services to all strata of society and to people from all walks of life. A busy corporate executive to a pregnant woman: all come under the ambit of Nirvikalp. It is our objective to build up our Nirvikalp center as a center of excellence when it comes to yoga, therapy and general well-being of the human mind and body. It is also our objective to earn your kudos after you have availed our services and opined that you have never experienced anything like this before. Finding for Where to learn yoga in Ahmedabad ? Find Yoga Program, Stress Management Program in Ahmedabad, Advance meditation program in Ahmedabad at Nirvikalp Yoga Academy at South Bopal, Science City, Ahmedabad.

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